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We create exceptional digital products and services, design and develop Brand communication solutions.

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  • Projects250+
  • Award40+
  • Capital50M/€

Trusted by Leaders for over 10+ years!

For 13 years, we are proud to be your Digital Shell by producing end-to-end solutions from all sectors and working with Entrepreneurs.

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  • Unique Experience

    With more than 10+ years of customer experience and portfolio from all sectors, the team of wonders is at your side with our expert experience to guide you. Our motto is We make unique

  • Minimalistic

    With our minimalist approach, we capture pure and effective solutions by eliminating complexity and unnecessary details. We maximize the user experience by balancing functionality and simplicity in every project.

  • Technical Excellence

    As the authors of the future, we are at your side with our highly educated, versatile and solution-oriented team, using the latest technologies, with our own technology stack, sustainable clean code and business approach.

  • Reliable Result

    Utilizing agile methodologies and state-of-the-art technologies, we will find a modern product development plan for your project in the shortest time with minimum cost without compromising on quality.

Our Areas of Expertise

We are the Choice of the Best, We Worked Together!

  • pearpay payments
  • lhv bank
  • tergiro
  • uxe global
  • shipico
  • turkish airlines
  • startup estonya
  • kontag
  • azercell
  • tmobile
  • jewel pet
  • njoy lounge
  • erüst tarım
  • kadem
  • genç gönül elçileri
  • Kavlak yöresel ürünler
  • hansacall
  • gera crane
  • bitanka
  • Dolfin makina
  • Nuri Körüsta
  • Akdeniz Şifa
  • mobile select
  • schöner schawanger

What did they say about us?

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    "Wir sind dankbar für die maßgeschneiderte Software, das UI/UX-Design und die Branding-Dienstleistungen für das Akdeniz Şifa Hospital. Während unserer gesamten Zusammenarbeit zeigte das Ovidax-Team einen engagierten und professionellen Ansatz. Sie lieferten eine auf die Bedürfnisse unseres Krankenhauses zugeschnittene Software und ein hochwertiges UI/UX-Design für ein großartiges Benutzererlebnis. Sie lieferten ein beeindruckendes Branding, das unsere Markenidentität stärkt."

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    Akdeniz Şifa Hospital

    Bekir Ş. - General Manager, CEO
  • Clutch yorumu

    "Thanks to their customer-oriented approach and quality services, they have been invaluable to us at Dolfin Industrial Parts Washers, contributing to the growth and success of our business.The Ovidax team has demonstrated a very professional and collaborative approach to providing software solutions tailored to our specific needs. I admire the solution-oriented working system of their young and dynamic team."

    Clutch yorumu

    Dolfin Machine

    Tuncay Ç. - Founder, CEO
  • Clutch yorumu

    "As Swiss Gold, with a great partner agreement for our global brand operating in 14+ countries, they have helped us to represent the power of our brand in the international arena with their support in software and development with all our brand processes, thank you."

    Clutch yorumu

    Swiss Gold International

    Ercan K. - General Manager, CEO

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Frequently Asked Questions

We primarily work with SMEs and large companies, well-funded startups in Europe and Turkey. But regardless of the size and sector of your project, the most important factor in deciding who to partner with is our belief in your project. Because for us, being part of a project that excites our team and enables us to make a difference comes first.

From simple database-based applications to complex multi-platform projects, we offer product development services that produce end-to-end solutions from Saas-based, Enterprise scale applications to great UI UX Design services with target and business-oriented solutions.

 With our team of 16 Passionate Wonders, we've been lucky enough to work with 200+ amazing clients from 10+ different countries around the world to create 250+ amazing products. We've built projects that have connected more than 20 million people around the world. Our team of wonders understands the problems you're facing and is on the job to create projects that are perfectly aligned with your vision.

The initial step is for you to fill out the proposal form. We will then start the process by organizing a discovery call, followed by a short discovery phase to determine the scope of your project. From there, we will provide you with a cost estimate, create a statement of work and arrange initial negotiations for both parties. Once the necessary paperwork is completed, we will not waste a moment to get to work immediately

Because when you collaborate, you can just enjoy the results while we think everything through your product development process for you. First, we'll save you the hassle of building and managing a reliable development team. Instead of dealing with coordinating freelancers, you can focus yourself fully on your project.
Also, thanks to our experience, you will enjoy a smooth development process thanks to our ability to anticipate and prevent potential risks. As a result, you will get a sustainable and scalable product that can stand the test of time and ensure long-term success. In short, partnering with us will save you all these headaches

Of course yes. As Ovidax, our priority is to make a difference when your brand and product combine with us. If you have an initiative, as Ovidax, we provide 30% discounts for young people. We will do our best with 10% discount rates for the digital transformation of small businesses. Because our belief is that your project and product make a difference. The great team is here for that! Let's get started!

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